(Top 10) Best International Blogging Niche Ideas

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Whenever we think of starting blogging, the first thought that comes to our mind is the best international blogging niche. And we believe in which blog niche should I work? That I have a lot of earnings.

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If you want to start a profitable blog of your own and are already blogging and want to work on a profitable niche with a high CPC, then you should work on International Blogging niche ideas.

Often we get less CPC for working on India’s niche and we need lakhs of traffic to generate good monthly profit so that you can work on International Blogging Ideas.

International Blogging niche ideas

If you want to earn good money from blogging, then it is essential to choose the right Niche because only a Profitable Niche makes a website successful.

But often the niche in which Indian bloggers work, gets less CPC on them, due to which they need a lot of traffic to generate good revenue, the same if we work on the niche of the USA, then we can earn a lot.

But finding International Blogging niche ideas is not such an easy task because for this a lot of research has to be done, so let us solve this problem of yours, and today we will tell you about 8 International Blogging niche ideas.

Which will be USA targeted and by working on this you can earn a lot even in low traffic because you get a lot of CPC on these niches.

How to do International Blogging

Friends, if you want to do International Blogging, then first of all you have to remove 50 to 60 high-volume and low-competition keywords, if you know keyword research very well, how to do keyword research, then it is very good, but if you do not know keyword research So you first learn to do keyword research, only then you should pay attention to International Blogging because friends, there is a little more competition in International Blogging.

After that, you have to buy a top-level domain, top-level means that you can buy domains like .com, and .net if you want to target only the USA country, then you can take the .us domain, and all country domains separately. If you want to buy a universal domain then a .com domain is the best option for you.

After that good speed hosting will have to be taken, if you do not have much budget, then I always suggest hosting web hosting should be taken, this hosting gives you 1 year of hosting for Rs 3000 and its support is also good.

Advantages of International Blogging

Although International Blogging has many advantages, the biggest advantage is that you are going to get good CPC, which means you are going to get tremendous cost per click, due to which your earning will be 50 times more than that of India, which means that you can earn a lot by staying in India, but For this, you have to write proper keyword research and sentence meaning full content genuinely.

So when the users there come to your website, then they should get the value and when they get the value, then your website will automatically rank in Google, when it becomes old and good traffic starts coming, then big companies or brands follow you and you get that If you get sponsorship and also get guest posting, then you can earn in this way.

How to Select an International Blogging Niche?

You can start Blogging on any Niche but not every Niche is Profitable, you should take care of some things before selecting an International Blogging niche.

  • Interest or Passion: Before working on any blogging niche, see whether you are enjoying working on those topics, if yes then you should work on that niche.
  • Internet Searches: Before working on Niche, see how much Search Volume is there, and how much people search for information related to that Niche on the Internet.
  • Profitability: A Profitable Niche is the one from which we get the maximum amount on monetization, apart from this there are different types of earning potential in that niche.
  • Observe and react: If you want to work on the US niche, you first have to read more about them. And have to work on a similar niche similar to theirs. Such topics are there in their place as well as in our place.
  • Competition: Often there is more and more competition in a profitable niche.
  • Enough Content: In the niche, you will work on, first see that there are so many keywords in the Sub Topics related to it that you can write at least more than 100 articles.

Top 10 International Blogging niche ideas

Now I will tell you about some international blogging niches, you can start working on them by deciding on any one niche according to your interest. The niches we have mentioned below are the same between India and USA. So let’s know about 8 international Blog Niche Ideas:

1- Digital Marketing

The first niche is digital marketing, in the USA people are more aware of digital marketing than in India. There even the smallest shop wants to make its website, and its people pay a minimum of 20 thousand rupees to make a 3 to 4-page website.

If you are a new blogger and work well in a digital marketing niche by targeting the USA, then there are many chances of getting traffic. You must write at least 50 articles and web stories to get a decent amount of traffic.

And if I talk about time, then if you work with honesty for 1 to 2 months, traffic will start coming to your site.

If I talk about Digital Marketing Niche Earning potential, then you can earn from 10 thousand rupees to 10 lakh rupees a month from this niche, but all the time it will depend on how quickly your blog is ranked. In this below, you will earn more money from affiliate marketing and guest post than from Google Adsense.

If you want to find USA-related Digital marketing reference sites or content, then you do not have to go to Google, you have to open Microsoft Bing. And by going to the setting, you have to select the United States in the search result country and then you have to search digital marketing after that you will get the content of the USA related to the Digital marketing niche.

Apart from this, if you work in this digital marketing niche, then search engine journals and search engine land will come to you very little. You have to follow both these websites.

2- Create a Blog for Indians who want to settle abroad

This niche is unique and you will find very little content on it, in this, you have to create content for people who want to go out and settle.

When a person goes to another country for studies, travel, business, a job, health, or any work, then you have to solve their problems/queries through your article.

You have to create at least 50 to 60 articles and web stories in it and do continuous work for 2 to 3 months. So that a lot of traffic can come to your blog, let me tell you that every month millions of people go from one country to another for different reasons. That’s why you will get a lot of search volume in this niche.

Talking about the earning potential of this niche now, you can earn from 10 thousand to 1 million every month. In this, you will depend more on Adsense than Affiliate Marketing, but you will also get content to put promotional content from which you can earn well.

To find related sites of such content, you can again find the content using Bing and you can follow the Sulekha website as a website referral. Go to this site and select the USA option. You will get a lot of ideas that what kind of content people are searching for.

3- Webseries Niche

There is no dearth of traffic on the web series niche and there is a lot of interesting topic for you as well as for the people. If you write about different web series by targeting the USA, review them, and tell the details of the upcoming web series, then you can bring a lot of traffic to your site from this niche.

In this niche, you have to target more web stories than articles and at least 20 to 30 articles and 30 to 40 web stories have to be inserted. And at least have to keep patience for 2 to 3 months, if you are working well on this topic then decent traffic will start coming to your site.

Talking about web series Niche Earning potential, in this, you will start earning faster than the rest of the niche. And along with this, your earnings in this niche will depend a lot on Google Adsense and you can earn a little bit through guest posts.

If I talk about the monthly earning estimate, then you can easily earn from 1 lakh to 10 lakh rupees. You will easily find content in this niche, you can also use YouTube videos as a reference in this. And especially you can use the Bing search engine to see related blogs of the USA websites niche.

4- Electric Cars

This niche is also very much in demand and this is a very new topic area and it is very demanding from a future perspective. If you want to work in this niche, then you can go to YouTube and take many ideas on what you can do with electric cars. What kind of topics can be covered?

Before working on this niche, you have to read only American content, and to get the minimum amount of traffic, you have to publish at least 30 to 40 posts and web series.

If I talk about earning potential in this topic, then your earnings will depend on 80% Google Adsense and 20% brand promotional content and guest post.

On writing content on this niche, you may find the difficulty level high because we Indians do not know much about this niche, but still, you can work on those topics by reading the content of the USA.

You have to open Bing, select the country United States of America to get content on this topic, and find niche-related reference sites. And you have to search for electric cars, and after that, you will get many topics and competitor sites. You can create your monopoly on this topic by targeting the USA separately.

5- Mobiles Niche

You have to work on a mobile niche by targeting the USA and you have to read only USA content from Bing on the break of referral content. There is no dearth of content in this niche, you can work on unlimited topics and traffic is in millions on this niche.

To get at least a decent amount of traffic, you have to write 30 to 40 articles and publish 25 to 30 web stories, and have at least 4 to 5 months of patience.

Talking about the earning potential in this niche, you can earn the most money through affiliate marketing. You told me about a mobile and put a referral link to an eCommerce site like Amazon to buy the product.

So now the more people will buy the product from that link, the more you will earn. Apart from this, you can also earn a lot of money from Google Adsense and Brand Promotional Content. If I talk about estimated earnings, then you can earn from 50 thousand to 1 crore rupees every month and you can earn a lot of money by creating a micro niche on this niche.

You can use Bing to find USA-related reference sites topics and content in this niche.

6- Pets Niche

You will find different types of pets in almost every house in the USA, so you can work on this Pets Niche. You can tell about different types of pets, you can tell about their food, and you can give tips to take care of them well, apart from this, you can also cover many types of sub-topics inside this niche. Be

In this too, you will have to write at least 30 to 40 articles to get user attraction, apart from this, you will also have to publish a web story on your site. In this, you may find it a bit difficult to write content, but for this, you can take references from pet niche-related sites in the USA.

If I talk about earning potential in this niche, then you can earn from 10 thousand to 5 lakh rupees. In this, you can also earn money by affiliate marketing of Google Adsense, brand promotional content, and pet-related products.

7- Traffic Challan

You can also work on this niche by targeting the USA, but where do Tickets go to Traffic Challan the traffic rules in the US are very strict. It is a very serious issue for a person to get tickets there.

Firstly, there the insurance cost is very high and on top of that, if a person’s ticket is deducted, then his insurance cost increases, and even the driving license can be canceled.

In such a situation, you can write related content of all these things, but to work on this niche, first, you have to study a lot, regarding the topic.

For this, you can use the related site by going to Bring, but keep one thing in mind, there are different rules in every state, so you have to keep this in mind. And you can also create different micro niche blogs related to each state in it.

Initially, to get traffic, you have to write at least 30 articles on this niche and publish the web store. In this, if we talk about earning potential, then you can earn from one lakh to 10 lakh rupees, and in this, your main income source will be Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

8- Making Money

Friends keep searching a lot about ways to earn money online in foreign countries too, then you can create a great blog on Making Money CPC is also strong in this niche, nowadays, who does not like everyone to earn money online, then you do one thing. First of all, make a list of low-competition keywords of Tier 1 countries and then start your new blog.

9- Weddings

While planning Weddings, people keep searching for different queries, whenever someone does a Wedding, many questions arise in their mind because at that time they need a lot, then a great blog can be created about Wedding planning.

He can give his knowledge that how planning is done in Weddings, you can share your ideas with those people and also provide some service, for this you can go to the Semrush tool and get related keywords from Weddings.

10- Biography | Net Worth | Top 10 Niche

This niche is very common in both India and the United States and it is a very interesting topic. If you work in this niche by targeting India, then you get more traffic but less income. Same, if you work on this topic by targeting the US, then you can earn a lot in less traffic as compared to India.

You have to keep one thing in mind in this niche too, you have to publish 80 to 90% of new content on your site. Whatever new topic you write content on, definitely make a related web story of it.

In this niche, you will put more and more new content, so it may take a minimum time of 1 to 2 months to get traffic and you have to put at least 40 to 50 posts on the site.

If we talk about earning potential in this niche, then you will be completely dependent on Google Adsense, if we talk about estimated earning, then you can earn from 10 thousand to 5 lakh rupees.

In this niche, you will get referral content easily, you can go to Bing and see your USA competitor site on this niche, and how it is working, and according to that, you can start your blog.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q- How to Choose the Right Niche for Blogging
    To start blogging, it is very important to select the right Niche, a niche in which you have an interest, you have good knowledge in it and the earning potential in that niche is very high.
  2. Q- What is the Blogging Niche?
    The topic of blogging is called Niche, that is, a particular topic on which blogging is called Niche blogging.
  3. Q- Which Blogging Niche has more money?
    The international blogging niche has the most money which will be related to topics of the USA.
  4. Q- Top 10 USA Blogging Niches in Hindi
    By targeting the USA, you can work on many interesting topics like digital marketing, web series, pet niche, and traffic challan.
  5. Q- Can you earn money from International Blogging?
    If you work well on a specific topic, then you can start earning from blogging in 2 to 3 months.

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