(20+ Tips) How to Increase Unlimited Organic Traffic on New Blog/Website

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Today we will know how to Increase Unlimited Traffic on New Blog, I will tell you about it in detail. If you follow the information mentioned here properly, then Unlimited Traffic will come to your Blog/Website.

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You must also have created a blog or website, whether it is on Blogger or WordPress. Creating a blog is very easy but bringing traffic to the blog is equally difficult. Therefore, today I am going to give 20 tips to people, that you have to use on your blog.

How to increase traffic to a new blog or website, you will get the answer to this question today. Read this post carefully, you will get a lot of help in getting your blog ranked.

How to Increase Traffic on the Blog

Today I will tell you the people who are Secrets who will know the logo, which Secrets will tell you, I use them myself. When you will also use the Secrets mentioned here, then traffic will start coming to your blog gradually.

Whenever we make any blog, there is no single traffic in it. If you do not know anything about Blogging, then it will take you months to bring traffic and people quit blogging in this way.

Due to the absence of traffic, bloggers are very upset because you will not be able to earn Earnings if there is no traffic on the blog. That’s why Bloggers keep searching for how to bring traffic to Blog.

I have seen many people who publish and publish posts today and after 2 – 3 days they start searching for the same post on Google whether the post is ranked or not.

If you guys do this too, let me tell you that you are wrong. It takes at least 1 Month – 3 Months for any Post to be ranked on Google. That too if you have used the keywords correctly.

If you want to blog, then the most important thing is Patience. When you learn to be patient, then you should understand that a Successful Blogger is going to be made soon.

Tips for Increase Unlimited Organic Traffic

Create Quality Content

Wherever it comes to Blog Ranking or Google Adsense Approval, everywhere you have read and heard you write Quality Content. So do you know what is this Quality Content?

If I say in easy words, whatever topic you are writing a post on in Quality Content. First research the page about it, the advantages and disadvantages of it, and then with the page information posted on it.

And never write big paragraphs, try to finish the paragraph in the 2-3 lines itself. As you can see in this article. Writing such posts makes it very easy for people to read.

In writing the post, you should use normal fonts so that people can easily read and understand, do not use Stylish Font.

Use Web Push Notification

You all must know about Youtube and have subscribed to all the Youtube channels. So whatever channel you may have subscribed to, whenever a new video is uploaded.

So notification comes on your mobile. In the same way, you can use Web Push Notification on your blog. So that as many people will subscribe to your blog, whenever you publish a post.

So everyone will have a notification and those people will come to read your post. With this, you will get very fast traffic.

Update Your Post Regularly

You should keep updating your posts from time to time. Like suppose you had published a post, and it is ranking at 20th number. And you are thinking that if it ranks the first number then it will not rank by itself.

For this, you will also have to update it. You can update it by writing images, videos, or even more information on it. Then you will see that your post ranking is increasing.

Also, if you create backlinks too, the chance of getting ranked more will increase. Therefore, you should keep updating your posts from time to time and also publish regular posts as well.

Use Quora & Medium

These two sites are best for bringing traffic to the blog, as well as from here you will also get high-quality backlinks. All those who use bloggers use them.

Quora is a question & answer site. You have to create your account here, after that, if you want to know anything, then you can post your question, and you will get the answer.

And you will also get a lot of questions, if you know the answer to them, then you can answer and with that, you can also add a link to your post, which will give you traffic.

On medium.com also you have to create your account, after that, you have to write a small post related to your post and add a link to your blog post in that post.

This way, you will get high-quality backlinks and traffic from here.

Build Your Blog Authority

If you search any keyword on Google, then whatever sites you see on the first page in the search results are all authority sites.

If you also want to become the authority of the blog, for that you will have to increase the rating of your domain. To increase DR (Domain Rating), you have to publish regular posts and also keep taking links from other sites.

By doing this, organic traffic will gradually start coming to your blog and the domain rating of your blog will also increase. In this way, your authority blog will be created.

Accept Guest Post

If you are unable to publish a regular post on your blog, then you can add a guest post page to your blog.

And write all the rules for guest posts on it as well. For example, on which topic, and in which language will you accept guest posts?

After this, whoever has to post a guest on your blog will contact you. This will give you a post and the guest who posts will get a do-follow backlink from your blog.

Write On Trending Topics

If you have written a lot of posts, yet traffic is not coming to the blog, then now you should write a post on the trading topic.

You can use google trends to find training topics. You will get trending topics from here as well as how much those topics are being searched.

If you work on trending topics, then you will very easily get increased traffic.

Create Videos on YouTube

If you have a youtube channel, then you are writing a blog post on whatever topic. You have to make a video on youtube as well.

Add a link to your blog post in the description of the same video, some of those who will come to see your video will come to your blog as well.

And you can embed your video on your blog post as well. In this way, you can bring more traffic than youtube to your blog.

Social Media Branding

If you have not yet done Social Branding for your Blog, then start now. For this, you have to create an account on all social media sites in the name of your blog.

If you publish any content on your blog, then share it on your social account, make pages on social accounts, and add a link to the blog in them.

With this, you will get high-quality backlinks as well as traffic. And your blog will also be identified.

Interview with Famous Bloggers

This is a good way to increase traffic to Blog. You can interview famous bloggers related to the topic of your blog.

Your blog will also benefit greatly from this because the person you will interview is already famous. If his readers know about you too, then he will come to read your blog too.

If your blog content is good, then you will read your blog regularly, which will give you traffic.

Create Facebook Page & Group

You should create a Facebook group for your blog. And to post related content from your blog there.

Gradually, people will start joining your group and will also visit your blog. You should also join Facebook groups related to your blog topic.

You will benefit a lot from this. You know how popular Facebook is. You can get unlimited traffic from there.

Use Question Hub

This is the best tool to bring traffic to the blog. You can bring more traffic through the help of google question hub.

Many questions are found here, you will also get a lot of questions related to the topic of your blog. If there is a post on your blog related to those questions, then you can add a link to it.

In this way, you will get traffic. Also, many such questions will be found here, whose answer is not on Google. So you can write a post on them. In this way, you can bring unlimited traffic to your new blog.

Increase Blog Speed

If the loading speed of your blog is slow, then try to make it fast load as soon as possible. This is very important for your blog ranking.

If traffic is coming to your blog, then because your blog speed is slow, visitors will leave your blog and go to some other site.

Blog Loading Speed ​​Boosting Tips
To increase blog speed you first need to optimize the image. Whenever the image is uploaded to your blog, it must first be optimized.

Images are the biggest reason for low blog loading speed. And you should keep your blog simple design, that is to say, you should not use too many widgets.

And if you are using unnecessary javascript, which is not used much, then they should also be removed. This will make a massive difference in the loading speed of your website.

Reply to Every Comment

All comments on your blog should be answered. Due to this, people like it very much, and their replies will help them.

Because of this those people will always come to your blog and become your regular reader. Doing this will benefit both you and your readers.

Blog Design

If visitors are not coming to your blog or are not stopping, then the reason for this could be your blog design.

Therefore, you should use a good template or theme to design your blog. You will get a lot of templates for free and you can also buy them if you want. Using them will improve the design of your blog.

Create an Attractive Post Title

The more attractive you make the post title of your blog, the more traffic will come to your site. You can see which post of yours is ranking on which keyword on the Google search console.

Suppose your post is ranked at number 7, in such a way that if your title is attractive then people will click on your post and your CTR will also increase.

So that your post will come up gradually. Because of this, you can get unlimited traffic if the searches for your post will be more. For this, try to make the title attractive.

Add Newsletter Widget

When you design your blog, you can put a Newsletter Widget in Footer on the blog’s home page, by doing this when users subscribe to your blog.

So you have their emails, you can send them all the information about your New Post to the user very easily.

Many bloggers use this method, you may have also seen this thing yourself.

Join Forum Website

If you have never joined any Forum Website, then definitely do, it benefits you. A forum Website is called that website where if you have any questions, a lot of people are connected there.

This answers your question, you can also do this and from there you also get a High-Quality Backlink and from here you will also get to learn a lot of new things.

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Today I told you how you can increase traffic on your new blog. If traffic is not coming to your blog, then use these methods, you will see the result soon.

Also, do as much one-page SEO as you can, this is very important for your blog ranking. This will help you a lot in bringing traffic.

If you would have liked this information, then do such shares, and keep visiting regularly on this blog for similar use full information.

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