Google Web Stories: What is it and How to Create it in 2023

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What are Google web stories? How to make Google web stories? And how to get Organic Traffic from Web Stories to blogs? If you are looking for answers to all these questions then today you have come to the right place.

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Google web stories is such a feature launched by Google that all the people who used it have seen very rapid growth in their Google Search Console and Google AdSense graph.

Yes! With the help of Google web stories, you can drive a lot of organic traffic to your blog website as well as increase your AdSense earnings by running Google AdSense ads in web stories.

So, today we will know what are Google web stories. Google Web Stories in Hindi, How to create Google stories? And how to earn money by making web stories?

What is Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories is a new feature launched by Google which is in a visual storytelling format that is created using Video, Audio, Text, Images, and Animation.

These stories are shown on Google’s Discover app, Images, and Google search page according to the interest of the user. When users tab on these, then this story starts showing on their full-screen page and they can swap it and read and listen to the entire content ahead.

Google is a user-friendly search engine that always brings some new updates to maintain its user experience, part of the same update is Google Web Stories.

The kind of content you search on google throughout the day, web stories related to the same content will be seen on your google search page in the same way, from which you will get a Visual Storytelling format to read your content.

History of web stories

Google web stories were launched a few years ago, then their name was Stories of the Web, but then these features did not become as famous as it is happening now because google has brought these stories with many new features this time and now Its name is web stories

What benefits of playing Google web stories?

Whenever Google launches a new feature, it itself promotes that feature to make it successful, this is happening now with web stories, so now there are many benefits of creating web stories like:-

Blog Website Traffic

If you want to get direct organic traffic from google, then start creating web stories. The reach of web stories is still very much, from here you can get thousands and millions of traffic the day, only by creating one or two web stories in your google search console you will see how fast organic traffic is increasing.

Earning from Web Stories

How to earn money from Google web stories? Many people want to know this, so let me tell them that you can earn a lot of money through web stories like:-

  • Adsense
    Yes! By creating Google web stories, you can link them to your AdSense account, so that AdSense ads will run in your web stories and you will also earn through AdSense in web stories.

  • Affiliate
    You can put a link in web stories, and you can put the link of the topic on which you are making web stories, but I will not suggest you put a direct affiliate link.

If you want to increase affiliate earnings from web stories, then you write an article about that affiliate product, write any review article and create web stories related to that article in which you put content de and link to your article.

People will come to your blog article from your web stories and will purchase from there so that you can increase earnings by driving traffic through web stories from affiliates as well.

Google Discover

If you want to bring your blog and website to the google discover page, then you can come in discover through web stories. And from here the reach of your blog web stories will increase very fast.


SEO of your blog is also good by making web stories and branding of your blog is also because through web stories many people know about you, about the content being published in your blog.

How to Create Google Web Stories?

Creating Google web stories is very easy if you are a WordPress blogger then today I will tell you how to create google web stories from a WordPress blog.

Google has launched a plugin to create web stories, just with the help of that plugin you can create web stories from your blog.

  • For this, you have to go to your WordPress dashboard and on the left-hand side, you will see the plugin section, click on add new plugin there.
Google Web Stories: What is it and How to Create it
  • Now you have to search web stories by going to add new plugin section, you will come across the web stories plugin, you have to download, install and activate it.
Google Web Stories: What is it and How to Create it
  • After this, in your WordPress dashboard, you will see the section of stories, from here you have to create your web stories.
Google Web Stories: What is it and How to Create it
  • Here you are seeing three stories, you have to make similar stories, above you will see that you have written a new story, click here.
Google Web Stories: What is it and How to Create it

In this Plugin, you will get a dashboard to create web stories and here you will get many features like:-


In Media, you can download copyright-free images, and videos from outside and use them in your web stories.

Third-Party Media

On the side of the media, you will get the option of third-party media, if you click here, you will get many images, videos, and gifs in the dashboard itself, which you can use in your web stories, all these are also copyright free which is taken from Unsplash. has gone.


By clicking on Text, you can add text to your web stories above your images and video.

Change background colors

In the sidebar of the page, you will be seeing some menus, by using the option there, you can make your web stories very attractive and engaging, like changing the background color, from here you can change the color of your web stories.

New Pages

To add a new page, you will be seeing a plus sign, if you want, you can add any number of pages from there, you can create a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 30 pages in web stories.

Note:- To make good web stories, you must make at least 10-12 pages of web stories, only then ads will appear in your web stories and there are chances of getting more and more traffic.

Today we learned what is Google Web Stories. How to make web stories? And what are the benefits of creating Google Web Stories? If you have not started making web stories yet, then do so.

For any information related to web stories, you can read by coming to this website and getting all the information related to blogging.

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