How to Create SEO-friendly Permalink?

In today’s article, we will talk about how to create SEO-friendly permalinks. (How to make SEO Friendly Permalink) and How to make SEO Friendly URL?

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If you are a blogger, then you will also know that to make a blog successful in order to get it ranked in Google, you have to pay a lot of attention to the SEO of your blog.

Basically, there are three types of SEO:-

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

If we talk about On-Page SEO now, then in On-Page SEO also you have to make changes to your blog and blog post in many such small steps so that your blog and a blog post can be found in search engine crawlers. Can be optimized for.

Your website to Crawler with the help of SEO? It is very easy to understand blog content, due to which you get Indexing and ranking in Google SERP properly.

So that whenever Crawler comes to your website, he can properly crawl index, and rank your website content.

That’s why you should always optimize your blog and blog posts for search engines.

Although there are many steps in On-Page SEO, one of them is blog permalink, let’s know how to make the permalink of your blog post-SEO-friendly.

How to create SEO-friendly Permalink?

It is very easy to create SEO Friendly Permalink, which we also call a Blog Post URL, you have to read all the steps given below and create the permalink of your blog post in the same way. Let’s start and know how we can create an SEO-friendly permalink: –

Focus Keywords

Before writing a blog article, you also do keyword research for your blog post and decide with which keyword you will get that blog post ranked.

What you have to do, you have to use only that main keyword in the permalink, which means only your main Focus Keyword should come in your blog permalink.

Let’s understand as a quote: –

I am going to write a blog post whose main focus keyword is “Start a Blog“.
No matter how I make its heading or blog title, in the permalink of this article, I will only write Start-a-Blog.

Don’t use Numbers

The reason why you should never use the number in the permalink is that whenever you update your blog post, you will never be able to update the permalink.

Many people use the year 2022-2023 in the permalink of their blog or in the article containing the list, top 10, and top 20 use numbers like this, you should never do this.

Because everything can be changed in a blog but not the permalink, so you should neither use years nor any kind of number in your permalink.

How to Create a Permalink for a Hindi Blog?

If you write a blog post in Hindi, then keep your permalink in Hinglish or English only.

Example- Suppose the title of our post is “ब्लॉग कैसे बनाये“, then now our Permalink will be “blog-kaise-banaye” Or “how-to-create-blog“, then the SEO-friendly Permalink is made in this way.

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